"ART OF MODERN MIXOLOGY and Molecular cocktails"






Jointly awarded by The Bar Academy (France), Liquid Chef Paris

 & HTC In Asia




French Bar Trend-Setter


The Bar Academy (France) is back in town! Give your old favourites a new twist and explore your beverage creativity with Francois Gauthier, one of France's finest and most creative mixologists. You will learn the classic combination as well as new trends in cocktail mixing, must-have equipment, and get behind the bar to shake, stir and pour your own beverage concoction.


Molecular Mixology at its best to surprise your guests!


Donít miss the chance to learn side by side from the head of Liquid Chef, Francois Gauthier

 for a 6-day workshops.

Another quality workshop brought to you by The Bar Academy France, Liquid Chef Paris and HTC In Asia.


20 - 22 June 2011 (Monday to Wednesday) - Basic Mixology Workshop

23 - 25 June 2011 (Thursday to Saturday) - Advanced Mixology & Molecular Workshop


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 Basic Mixology Workshop

 20 to 22 June 2011


This course is for beginner bartenders who want to discover or develop their knowledge of cocktails; classic or original


DAY 1:

- Presentation of the cocktail world

- Discovery and manipulation toll bar

- Product knowledge: white and brown spirits

- The classic cocktail decoration

- Hands-on practical


DAY 2:

- The glasses at the bar

- The organization of work stations

- Pouring techniques

- The original cocktail decorations

- Hands-on practical


DAY 3:

- Service to the plate

- Selling techniques

- The responsibilities of the bartender

- The principles of creating recipes

- Creation of own cocktails











Advanced Mixology and Molecular workshop

 23 to 25 June 2011


This course is for bartenders who wish to develop and perfect their mastery of new technique of work related


DAY 1:

- The rules of the distillation, Spirit trends & new liqueurs

-Cryo-mixology, cocktail in the cold

- The aromatic range and logic

- The principles of creating a recipe

- The manipulation of bar tools in mixology

- Hands-on practical


DAY 2:

-Cocktail decorations: Principles of the cut

- Pouring techniques

- The concept of "herbal mixology" and the use of organic products

- Drinks and wellness Bio - the trends without alcohol

- Basic bar flairing

- Hands-on practical


DAY 3:

- The molecular mixology - its various aspects and the use of gelling

- Cocktails from the siphon and emulsion

- The practical implementation of melecular mixology

- Learning the basics of bar flairing tricks

-Creation of own cocktails






This course will teach you all you need to know to make the latest cocktails and mocktails using the different ingredients, ideas, colours and taste. You will also master the rules of mixing, pouring, presentation and working flair.

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Francois Gauthier has an extensive international experience in bar management.

For the past 6 years he has joined the BAR ACADEMY team and spend most of his time developing modern recipes for international brands, being official barman for Nestle waters & Perrier, Bacardi Martini and Baron de  Rothschild Group.


Currently, he is in charge of "Liquid Chef", the modern mixology branch of the Bar Academy.

The Bar Academy trains professional bartenders, organizes top of the line events and shows in conjunction with internationally recognized event planning companies. Bar Academy is also able to provide customers with expertise in all the aspects of the bar


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Course fee includes

         Professional Bartender Certificate

         Course manual

         CDR with the standard recipes and pictures of the training


Contact us for the enrolment form & trainerís bio-data 

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Our programmes are 100% claimable under the ďSkim Bantuan LatihanĒ (SBL) from the Human Resources Development Berhad. Please apply with the HRDB, with the following:

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 * Your application, together with course fee must be forwarded to HTC in Asia Sdn. Bhd. at least 5 working days before course commencement. Kindly contact us for course content and trainerís CV.